Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beachin' it in Busan (BOO-SAHN)

Last weekend, we trekked down to Busan (spelled as Pusan in the map above, farthest southeastern corner of the peninsula). As the second largest city in Korea, Busan is a huge port. One part of the coastline stores containers stacked as far as the eye can see.

The KTX got us there in about an hour and we immediately set out for Hyundae Beach.

There were some people enjoying the mild spring day, but in the summertime, over 1,000,000 (yes that's right, a cool MILL) pack onto what was not a very large beach. I'd say it was maybe 1/4 the size of Duxbury Beach.
Curious what a million looks like? I found this picture online:
Sheesh. Good f'in luck finding a spot.
Finding plenty of space on that particular day, the boys and I kicked the soccer ball around a bit and threw some disk. It being my first encounter with the Pacific Ocean, I had to take a dip. The only person interested in joining was of course, Yuriy, everyone's favorite sneaky Russian.
The Russian Hasselhoff on the move. I struggle to keep up.
Korean youth look on. I definitely heard "bah-bo" and "way-gook-een," words that translate to "idiot" and "foreigner." Alright!
It felt like Duxbury beach water in August! When I went back to school Monday, I told them I went swimming and gauging reactions I think there may be some serious doubts about my stability. Oh well.